Nomad Manufacturing

Producer of Automobile, Truck, & Aircraft Creepers

Nomad Manufacturing is a think-tank and  manufacturing facility striving to bring new and innovative products to the workplace.

"The Elevator" is an engineered and "Patented"  elevated shop creeper designed to assist mechanics,  technicians and hobbyists in performing a variety  of work functions.  Repair work under the hoods of  pickup trucks, lifted 4 x 4 vehicles and SUV's, until  now, required the unsafe use of boxes, ladders and  home-made scaffolds which often resulted in injury  to the technician and damage to the vehicle being  repaired.  "The Elevator" provides a safe and comfortable  working platform to repair engine components, remove  turbo's and heads and access hard to reach underhood  accessories, while drastically reducing back pain and service technician fatigue!


"The Elevator" is engineered to accomodate 350 lbs, adjustable to 6 1/2' working height and manufactured in accordance to CSA B354.1-04 Portable Elevating Work Platforms.

  Perfect for raised 4x4 and engine work
Great for autobody and autodetailing

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